What’s The Excuse?

Cut the Connection


We all know that in order to bear fruit, the branch has to be connected to the tree. Without this connection the branch withers and can’t bear fruit. That’s exactly were many people have been neglecting in their spiritual life!… They lack a connection with God.

We know that the devil, wants to take advantage of that!...He works relentlessly to cut off our connection with God, by making people putting up excuses in order not to come to church and use their faith. Our main day of connection with God it’s sunday!…The Lord’s day!…Obviously, that we need to be constantly connected with Him, however the day to day busy life ends up creating that obstacle.

Let’s see some excuses people end up giving to God:

  • I’m to tired
  • It’s the only day I can rest
  • I have things to sort out
  • I need to give attention to my family
  • I’m working
  • I can pray at home
  • It’s to far
  • I don’t feel like it
  • God understands
  • It’s a one off
  • Church it’s not for me
  • I have my own faith
  • It’s boring

Let’s cut off these and other excuses, and make that connection!…You will see how things will start flowing and changing in your life. That connection with God will give you the energy, confidence, motivation, guidance, peace, strength, insight, focus and above all will lead you to bear much fruit.

Let’s cut off what has been cutting us off from God!… 



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2 Responses to What’s The Excuse?

  1. Karema Henderson says:

    Thanks for sharing pastor it’s so true sometime we are so caught up in this busy world that the devil prepare a trap in order to take our soul to hell but if we are not watchful we will be lost; we can’t do nothing without God and that is why so many around the world suffer, they don’t have a connection with God and the devil get is way.
    God bless

  2. simonese joseph says:

    Thanks for sharing pastor, this is so true but it down to us to deny our flesh and fight the good fight and remain with God because withhout Him there is no life and most importantly our salvation.

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