Complaining or Claiming?


We often see people that complain about different matters of their lives. They murmur, get angry at themselves or someone else, or even try to find an escape goat in order to justify their failures.

When one complains usually looses the focus on how to really sort out the problems or difficulties ahead of them. They loose their temper, lash out their anger, get moody, discouraged, loose their faith and belief that things can change and many times even trow the towel on the floor!..They give up on fighting.

Let me present the C that makes a difference!..


But who can Claim? Well only those who have the right to do so!..Isn’t that the reason why people go to the courts? To claim justice? They have the law that backs them up, so they stand for their rights.

Let us bring the same concept for our Spiritual life. Didn’t the Lord Jesus say: “I came to give you life more abundant?” So why is that many “Christians” aren’t seeing and taking possession of that abundant life promised by God?

Its simple, from the two options one goes:

  1. They haven’t got the right to claim, due their disobedience to God’s word, or…..
  2. They are complaint about, but not Claiming their Rights!…

Judges 2:6

The Message (MSG)

6-9 After Joshua had dismissed them, the People of Israel went off to claim their allotted territories and take possession of the land.

Walk in righteousness, be bold, courageous and stop complaining!…Claim your rights!…After all you have God’s law to back you up, and who can go against that?

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3 Responses to Complaining or Claiming?

  1. Vivian says:

    Hi Pastor

    Just read your post today, and it made me think how easy it is for us to think that we are claiming but in fact we are complaining….because of our attitudes/behaviors and even the words we say when we talk to Him because of a certain situation.

  2. Beatrice Oxford says:

    Hello Pastor,
    Read your post and it spoke to me and gave me inner strength and enlightenment. Thank you.

  3. Karema Henderson says:

    Thank you for sharing pastor, this is so simple we more to complain than to demand God’s promise, and it true when we complain we are not in the faith we lose focus and the problem gets worst, today I learn something and I will stop complaining and start demanding by taking action change my attitude and behaviour towards things.

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