God’s Amo!..

This movie was very, very good, which I took some lessons. It’s about a war tank fighting against the Nazis and all of a sudden they got out of Ammunition. They were protected by the tank, against the bullets. They had a cannon, machine guns inside and a very good amount of ammo. Things started to go wrong when they run out of shells and bullets.

Lesson number 1: The Tank is the Protection where the weapons are.

The church is that “Tank” where you receive the right tools to overcome your enemy.

Lesson number 2: The ammunition is what will keep you alive and kicking.

The Holy Spirit is “God’s Amo” with which one will withstand against the desires of the flesh, temptations, traps of the devil, bad thoughts, malice, promiscuity and the lust and pride of the world.

In a nutshell: Do not leave the Tank (Church) and make sure you are fully loaded!…

Let them come!…

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One Response to God’s Amo!..

  1. Marcia McLeod says:

    Perseverance- word of God
    Trust. No matter the difficulties.

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