Front Carriage


The most important part of the train, is the front carriage!…That’s what pulls all other parts of the train!..Concerning our life has to be the same. The front carriage has to be our communion with God!..

If we put God first in our life, meaning allow Him to guide us, to lead the way and above all give Him the priority in everything , then all our “Carriages” will be also going well; Finances, Love life, Health, Family, etc…

The “Front Carriage” has to be our communion with God!.. To be in Spirit, to speak with God, to seek His presence, to be involved with everything that is Godly and always seek to please Him in any way possible.

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One Response to Front Carriage

  1. Serena Loderick says:

    Thanks Pr for sharing this.

    The title alone spoke to me a lot about leading the front carriage leads the train and for me it shows that when we put God first we are allowing him to lead our lives.

    This message just highlights even more for me how important my communion with God is and how much value should be given to this daily.

    As you said when you are seeking him your aim is only to please him with your life.

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