Straw Faith



The straw is consumed really quick by the fire, due the lack of consistency. If catches fire  is quickly consumed and the fire extinguishes. Now the same happens with many christians. They are the “Straw Christians”!…

So who are the “Straw Christians”?

Well, in the same way the straw is quickly consumed by the fire, those who are lead by their emotions, feelings or cravings, their “Fire” or faith also quickly vanishes!..

When before the problems, hardship or setbacks one’s excitement is gone and ends up giving up or losing their focus on their goals. These are those that Jesus called born of the flesh.

So what can one do in order to be strong and remain in the faith, regardless of the circumstances?

One needs to be Born of God!… Those who have the new birth they have a different nature!…They are consistent because their faith comes from God, therefore the fire doesn’t extinguishes and hardly will!.. Those who have the new birth have a different nature. They are bold, courageous and obviously have God’s vision within their minds. They are secure of themselves.

The “Straw Christians” are doubtful, week and always depend on other people’s opinion, always led by their emotions.

Let’s evaluate who we are?

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