Run Away

Run Away


Every time we allow our emotions to prevail,we run away from the genuine and pure faith. True faith is emotionless!..The true problem is that every time we become emotional about something, one ends up suffering and getting far from God.

When one follows the path of emotions, feelings and their own cravings one becomes doubtful, fearful, discouraged, guilty, confused, traumatised, complexed, angry, moody, inpatient, frustrated, etc…Those kinds of feelings end up hurting the person even more.

So what to do in order to remain in the faith? What to do, to get rid of those things?

Be attentive to everything that can make you emotional about it and run away from it!…At the same time use your faith to rebuke those emotions or feelings immediately. One cannot impede those feelings to come, however they can be severed without causing any bad roots.

Are you hurting yourself?

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5 Responses to Run Away

  1. simonese joseph says:

    This true Pastor because in serving God we can’t our emotion, everything to do with God we have to do it by faith because He is not human God is spirit and a faith is some we can see its assurance of the thing not seen. Thanks for sharing Pastor.

  2. says:

    Thank. You Pastor God bless
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  3. Vanessa Mendes says:

    Indeed we must run away from our feelings and don’t let them catch up to us. When we let emotions get in the way we tend to be weaker, more frustrated and not able to act our faith. But when we run and switch the Faith mode then things are smoother and clearly because we act according to what we believe and not what we are feeling.
    Rule of Faith No Matter what..
    Thank you for sharing and God bless

  4. Lilian James says:

    From the heart comes emotions/feelings and it’s so important to examine the intentions of our heart because “the heart is deceitful above all things”. Let’s use our head to think using an intelligent faith directed by the Holy Spirit.
    I thank God for using you to share this message.
    God bless you Pastor

  5. Ruth Najeme says:

    Yes Pr, running away from our emotions is the most vital attitude everyone must strive to have, but
    one thing I know for sure is that every human being is born with both faith and emotion. Emotion goes with the state of one’s heart, how the person feels with what ever might have happened, that could be a trauma and a burden that allows him or her to take a rash and hash decision based at the state of his or her heart at the time, which would eventually lead to the worst. Faith on the other hand moves the person to act positively; that is why even those who are not in the house-hold of God progress. Since faith comes only by hearing the word of God and is the evidence of things hoped for, but unseen, one should make it a habit to stick to faith and let faith over rides emotions.There by,one would always be able to rebuke the emotions when they do infiltrates time and again.Thus making the run away.
    In Faith.
    God bless Pastor.
    Miss Ruth Najeme.

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