Godly Check Up

Godly Check up

In the course of life we should make at least once or twice a total health check up. With age advancing one gets more confident to know about your health condition. Actually that’s something that everybody should do now and again. It helps to prevent some kind of illness and works out your risk of developing some of the most disabling – but preventable – illnesses.

Now, if its advisable that we should make a health check up what about a “Godly Check up”? It may access a problem in your spiritual life, which potentially can lead you to a spiritual disability.

  • Mind

How have been our thoughts? How’s your conscience before God?

  • Eyes

What do you look to others? Are you judgmental? Are your eyes evil towards people? What about towards yourself?

  • Mouth

Which kind of words comes out of your mouth? Words of life or death? Encouragement or failure? Is your mouth holy or desecrated? Do you swear?

  • Heart

Are you following the greatest deceiver ? Are you controlled by your emotions and cravings? Have you got hatred? Are you grudgeful?

  • Hands

Are you touching what belongs to God, the tithe and offerings? Are you touching what belongs to others?  Are your hands being used for promiscuity and immorality?

  • Feet

Are your feet going around to help those who are lost? Are your feet going trough the paths of iniquity? Are you among the scornful?

Please take a bit of time to think about this and make this “Godly Check Up”.  Meditate and see if God sees you fit inside and out.

Psalm 26:2

“Examine me, God, from head to foot,
order your battery of tests.
Make sure I’m fit
inside and out”



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5 Responses to Godly Check Up

  1. sharonrose777@hotmail.co.uk says:

    Pastor thanks for your blogs spiritual checks ups are what’s needed always.

    God bless
    Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Virgin Media

  2. simonese joseph says:

    Thank Pastor for sharing, cause this is what i have to do keep checking myself spiritually cause the devil come when we lease expected and this is why we have to be in spirit so that when he try to come with things to contaminate us we must reject it.

  3. Alafair says:

    Thank you Pastor,
    I appreciate the listing of the Godly Check-Up, especially at this time
    I did take time out to meditate and evaluate myself on how I can improve and change
    Truly helpful
    Thank you kindly…

  4. Ruth Najeme says:

    Hello Pr. Elijah!
    The Godly check up is what every true christian must go through so as to get detoxed from what the above members of our bodies leads us to. If only true Christians could submit and humble themselves daily and speak to the Lord saying; Please, God strengthen and help me today by not allowing my mind to think or imagine anything evil, my eyes not to see what they are not supposed to see, my ears not to hear what they are not supposed to hear, my mouth not to say what it is not supposed to say, my heart not to deceive me emotionally to be full of unforgiving, hatred etc, my hands not to touch what they are not supposed to touch, my feet not to go to where they are not supposed to go. The almighty God being faithful, merciful, truthful and loving, knowing that all these that the person has put in front of Him in pray have come from a pure heart, would start doing the changes so long as the person stays focus and relentless.
    Thanks Pr.
    God bless.
    In Faith,
    Miss Ruth Najeme.

  5. Vanessa Mendes says:

    This was is so strong that I had to share with so many People very strong Pastor and such an alert because we must always watch out and fight to be healthy and fit in our relationship with God.

    Thank you and always keep sharing with us

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