Inner Mirror

Inner Mirror


One thing that woman like the most is a mirror! They like to check their look isn’t it? As we need a mirror to see how we look in the outside, we need a mirror as well to see how it looks our inside. The problem is that many times it’s hard to find this “inner mirror”.

So how can we look inside?

Our relationship and total dependence on God is what makes us to see whom we are  from inside. I remembered for how long I couldn’t see who was I inside.I was so focused in the outside and looking well in everything I do, that I left behind my relationship with God and that’s why I couldn’t achieve new standards inside of me, I couldn’t deal with myself and overcome the bad things inside of me.
Let’s remember this: If we want to be admired and respected, let’s invest more in our inside.

The “Inner Mirror” will show us everything we need to change. In the same way I can see myself in the mirror and I can change what doesn’t look nice on my appearance, I can check myself in the inside when I have a close relationship with God without waiting for others to tell me what I need to change.

Collaboration from Ana Bacala


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