Good Field

Good Soil

We all know that in order for a seed to be planted and bear fruit, the field has to be prepared. The stones removed and weeds have to be removed. The field has to be plowed and only after will be able to receive the seed.

That’s exactly what the Lord Jesus taught us in the parable of the sower.

( Mathew 13:1-9)

One seed fell on the side of the road another on the stony ground and another among the thorns. All these seeds weren’t able to yield fruit, for different reasons. The main one was that the seeds didn’t fell on the good ground!…The clean and prepared field!…

In the Kingdom of God is exaclty the same. If we want to bear good fruits in our lives we need to make sure that our “Ground” or “Field” is clean and treated!...This “Ground” or “Field” is our heart, mind, eyes, ears and our words. If we allow them to be “Dirty” or contaminated with the “Stones” and “Weeds” of this world then our land will be pretty much like the picture you see below.

Thorns and Thistles

That’s why many can’t have their lives transformed, receive the Holy Spirit and bear good fruits!…Their “Field” hasn’t been cleaned or treated!…

If one day your “Field” was treated and clean, make sure it remains like that. Once we experienced the good fruits, we will make sure that we will keep on taking care of the “Field” so that the good fruits keep on coming. So keep your heart clean, your eyes pure, your mind in the things of God.



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One Response to Good Field

  1. Alafair says:

    Hi Pastor,
    Very timely and helpful indeed.
    I understood “FRUITS to mean”: Products, Results, Outcome, Achievement, Accomplishment
    Wish prompted me to REFLECT on the fruits that I am producing; how am I showing my LOVE for GOD consistently. A TREE is identified by it’s FRUITS and so are DISCIPLES; I am aware that to produce the BEST / GOOD FRUITS requires work, time, patience and perseverance.
    Thank you for rising my consciousness, where I need to be more productive; to put in more effort and focus on the Spiritual Fruits as well as, to Bear Good Fruits.

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