Shut The Tap

Shut tap


Whenever we open the tap, water flows. It brings fresh water and with it we can drink, wash, etc.. Now, do you you know that evil is constantly opening his “Tap” for us?

Devil’s Tap: Bad thoughts, fears, doubts, complexes, negativity, malice, grudges, feelings and emotions contrary to faith.

When those demonic “Flows of Water”  come we need to turn the tap anti-clockwise!…meaning to go on the opposite direction and somehow shut that tap. 

If you allow evil’s tap to flow the dirty water, you will drink from it trough your thoughts, eyes and feelings. Most certainly you’ll be contaminated and your faith will be neutralised. 

When we are in communion with God trough our mind, we are allowing “God’s Water” to flow inside of us.

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2 Responses to Shut The Tap

  1. Serena Loderick says:

    Thank You Pastor for sharing,

    It’s so important to keep the devils tap closed . The devil is always looking for a gap so that why it’s important to turn the tap the opposite way and go against the things that he tries to bring our way.

    The best tap to have on is the one which flows with Gods water from the inside out.

  2. Joy says:

    Thank you Pr Elijah for this message. We have to be alert at all times to filter what comes into our lives as the Lord Jesus said to watch and pray.

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