God’s Garage



Have you come across the unpleasant situation of having your car engine smoking in the middle of nowhere? Goodness me, it’s kind of a traumatic experience. It’s like your life stalls and you get really stuck.

What to do next?

Most certainly one will call a roadside assistance service or anyone that can provide assistance for your breakdown vehicle. They will try to fix it there and then, and if it’s something that needs a major assistance the car will need to be towed to a garage, where engineers and mechanics will access the problem, replace parts and fix the car.

Obviously, that one should take the car to the maker, because they have better knowledge and are usually better equipped to deal with any mechanical problem or replace any broken part.

Now, bear with me so I can make a point.

Have you ever come across unpleasant situations, where your life started “Smoking” because you had breakdowns?

Maybe you are stuck with:

  • Broken Marriage (Unfaithfulness, Lack of Communication, Routine, Rudeness)
  • Broken Family ( Fights, Arguments, Hatred, Division)
  • Financially Broken ( Unemployment, Debts, Recession, Low Wage)
  • Broken Hearted (Deceit, Cheat, Unloved, Loneliness, Abuse)
  • Broken Expectations (Unfulfilled Promises, Turned Down Applications)
  • Broken Health ( Cycles of illness, Incurable Diseases, Chronicle Pains, Costly treatments)
  • Mental Breakdown (Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Panic Attacks, Suicidal, Nervousness)

What to do next?

Most certainly one will call for assistance services or anyone that can provide assistance for your breakdown problem. They will try to fix it there and then, and if it’s something that needs a major assistance maybe one will need counselling sessions, a surgical intervention,etc.. We have nowadays a variety of services where the most different kind of professional people will access the problem and try to provide the best solution to it.

But what to do when the conventional treatments and options available aren’t sorting things out?

Well that’s the trick part!…One starts to look everywhere and sometimes things even get worse.

The best way forward is to go to the “MAKER”S GARAGE” where the greatest “Engineer and Mechanic” of all times can fix EVERYTHING and make it BRAND NEW.

The Lord Jesus will be able to deal with your “Breakdown” and restore your life.

What are you waiting for?

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2 Responses to God’s Garage

  1. simonese joseph says:

    This is so true pastor, sometimes when we are facing certain problem in our life is only God can help us, but for Him to be able to help us we have to seek for His help because there is nothing impossible for God do in our life when call up on Him, all we need to do is believe. Thank you pastor for sharing, god bless.

  2. richard says:

    There are problems that only specialist can deal with,
    God is the specialist on our life.
    Even tho question may come like, how can God help me
    The same way their are Docters who specialise in making certain types of operation
    God is a specialist I’m fixing lifes.

    Whether it is just a tweak or complete replacement.
    Thanks for sharing Pr

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