Mission Possible



Many people want God to make things happen for them as a pass of magic. They demand from God the impossible, and that’s exactly His Job!…To make the impossible. However little do they realise that for the impossible to happen, the possible has to be made first.

That’s the question one has to do? Have I done my part? Is there anything else that I should do?

When you have done everything you could, THEN the GOD of the IMPOSSIBLE will intervene and do His part. It’s a partnership!..

Our God is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE not of the POSSIBLE.




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2 Responses to Mission Possible

  1. simonese joseph says:

    Thanks for shareing Pastor, our God is a God of the impossible but when we do our part then He will intervene on our behalf. If we sit and wait nothing will happen but when we use our faith and trust God we will impossible happen in our life.

  2. Dian Hardley says:

    That’s so true Pr. Our God will only intervene when we exceed in doing our part. Notice all the man of Faith in the bible…they did their part first and exhausted everything within their capacity…only then God would intervene. People tend to come to him by just making only a prayer and expect Him to just make the impossible become possible and thats it. In order to see the possible We need to ACT!!

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