Conceiving Mind



We all know that is in the womb of the women that a new life begins. It begins only with a tiny cell, that develops in to a new born baby. The womb keeps on expanding so that there may be growth for the upcoming baby.

In the same way, there’s a space where God brings up inspirations, ideas and new concepts!..That’s our mind!…We can say that the mind works like a “womb” where ideias and inspirations come, that will indeed bring something new in to our lives.

However many times one doesn’t give space for those ideias to grow, and eventually they suffer some kind of “Miscarriage”!…

How many times you have had great ideas and inspirations, to start a business for example and you didn’t work it out!…That idea, faded away and was simply trow in to the sea of forgetfulness.

Nurse your ideas, give them space top grow, find ways to “Deliver” them.

In the same way the baby has to be born trough a process of delivery, one also needs to “Push” those ideas forward.


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