Spiritual Decay


What to do to maintain a healthy spiritual life? I will show you what to do in order to accomplish that!..

I was meditating in God’s word when I came across the following Title: Sound church

Titus 2

Qualities of a Sound Church

Upon seeing the meaning of the word in a dictionary, something called my attention…the word Decay

Sound- Free from damage, injury, decay

I want to establish a parallel between decay and our spiritual life.

The word decay is usually connected to teeth, when there’s lack of hygiene or something is causing a  decline in excellence, declining or loss in strenght or health, a gradual fall into inferior condition.

What to do to maintain healthy teeth:

  • Brush everyday.
  • Floss it.
  • Go regularly to the dentist.
  • Avoid sugary foods.

If there isn’t the right hygiene and care, the teeth will be attacked by bacteria and cause all sort of problems in the gums, tartar, sensibility, infection, bleeding,etc..

One might need root canal treatment, crowns, feelings or even an extraction when there’s nothing else to do.

Our Spiritual life needs constant care!..We need to “Brush” off all “Spiritual Bacteria” that comes to rot or decay our relationship with God. We must be constantly in Spirit, being watchful in order to remain clean of the contamination of this world.

One should meditate daily in the Scriptures, having his moment with God, trough prayer and remaining in Spirit. We should “Floss” our spiritual life by paying attention to little details that come to divert us from the holiness, sanctity, faithfulness and obedience to God’s word.

There are some signs of “Spiritual Decay”:

  • Shallow prayers, repetitive and religious.
  • No communion with God, by investing time in meditating in God’s word.
  • Do not take part in purposes of faith anymore.
  • Do not challenge God, for new things in their life.
  • Stuck in their comfort zone.
  • The person doesn’t fast, pray, evangelise or meditate unless being told to do so.
  • Stops denying their fleshly desires or cravings.
  • Stop seeking and investing in your spiritual life.
  • Doesn’t prioritise Sunday morning service anymore.
  • Relax and stops seeking ways how to Improve
  • Runs away from a sacrificial life towards God.
  • The person bit by bit no longer lives by Faith but instead chooses to feed emotions.
  • Losing the fear of God, with “little sins”.
  • Looking to others flaws or mistakes.
  • Not been humble to accept correction.

It’s extremely important to keep reviewing ourselves, because usually “Spiritual Decay” starts on the inside, so we need to analyse and acting upon this signs, in order to brush it away and so remove the spiritual bacteria.

Before spiritual decay happens it’s always shows signs and if these are ignored then it will worsen and start to deteriorate. To avoid deterioration is when we have to maintains a STRONG relationship/ communion with God; however it also requires CONSISTENT obedience and righteousness before God.

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2 Responses to Spiritual Decay

  1. simonese joseph says:

    Thanks Pastor for the reminder that i have to invest in my spiritual life all the time and never allowing myself to be relax as it is a constant fight. I never see the word decay in this way before but as i received the message it is a eye opener.

  2. Serena Loderick says:

    Thanks for sharing this post Pastor,

    For me I went really deep with the True meaning of of Decay in Spiritual Terms and it helped me to see that our Spiritual Eyes need to be alert 24/7 to notice these signs .

    When something is rotten it is in need of treatment in Spirtual terms go back to your first Love when you had pure eyes towards the work of God and others.

    The easy part is what others see it’s the part that no one sees but God does is the vital link.

    When meditating on the word Decay to be honest the usual words came to mind but looking in to it further and meditating on Spiritual Decay = decline in excellence.

    This is what our aim should always be Excellency not only with the physical side of the work of God but with the most important which is our Connection /Direct Link/Communion with God.

    No one can interfere with this or even distract us from it unless we allow .

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