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Think More, Feel Less

There’s one thing that is common to all woman and that’s the reason why so many times we end up suffering. That mistake that women do many times is to use the heart to take decisions in life, instead of using … Continue reading

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knocked Out?

We live in a “Fighting Ring” between the desires of the heart and the guidance of our mind!…It’s the Ultimate Fight!…where our life is decided and our fate outlined. Those who are led by their heart, meaning emotions, feelings and … Continue reading

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Intelligent Faith

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The devil’s Wine

All of us are aware about the consequences of negligence and drinking un-responsibly. Estimates of annual alcohol-related deaths in England and Wales vary from 5,000 to 40,000. This includes deaths from cirrhosis of the liver and other health problems from long-term … Continue reading

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1st Class

When one has to catch a flight , usually one chooses to buy an economy class ticket an obviously the price it’s cheaper. However there are some Cons. Let’s face it,sometimes it’s annoying to face that huge queue, having to … Continue reading

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Mind Power

We are a product of our mind. We see people with different clothes, behavior, attitudes and life style. Some are bold and courageous others shy and fearful!… Some believe in themselves others lack self-esteem. Some successful other’s a failure!.. The … Continue reading

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