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All You Need Is?

In the olden days, whenever an army was about to face the other, surrender conditions were negotiated, prior to go to war. If a king saw that he had no conditions to overcome the enemy, he would surrender to the … Continue reading

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Taking the Bull by the Horns

A “forcado”  is a member of the team that performs the “face catch” of the bull, the final event in a typical Portuguese bullfight. Forcados were usually people from lower classes who, to this day, practice their art through amateur … Continue reading

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Negotiate or Fight?

There are those who try to negotiate their problems and others who will fight!… Whom you will be? Note: The guy who tried to negotiate, had his head cut off!… STAND YOUR GROUNDS!…FIGHT FOR YOUR FUTURE!…

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Your Best Weapon.

Everybody knows the Biblical story of David VS Goliath. The army of Israel, was being defied by goliath and all the men were fearful to fight against this mighty men of war. However a little boy called David said to … Continue reading

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