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Straw Faith

  The straw is consumed really quick by the fire, due the lack of consistency. If catches fire  is quickly consumed and the fire extinguishes. Now the same happens with many christians. They are the “Straw Christians”!… So who are the “Straw Christians”? Well, in … Continue reading

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Revolving Sword

Everything that has value and is precious, needs to be kept safe, to prevent loss, theft or any damage. If one places their money in the bank, jewellery in a safe, an important object of value in a special place, … Continue reading

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Twin Brothers

Do you know that Faith has a twin brother? They walk together, they are inseparable, they depend on one another!…  What’s the name of the twin brother of Faith? It’s Obedience!..That’s the name!.. If you say you have faith, but … Continue reading

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Complaining or Claiming?

We often see people that complain about different matters of their lives. They murmur, get angry at themselves or someone else, or even try to find an escape goat in order to justify their failures. When one complains usually looses … Continue reading

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Catch 22

Are you in a catch 22 situation? What’s that, you may ask? Its a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions. In a certain ocasion there was a situation that the … Continue reading

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The Ears of Impossible

Do you need to see a divine intervention in your life? A miraculous  touch of God? Miracle: A wonderful, surprising event or thing. Marvel, phenomenon,rarity,revelation,wonder,prodigy,unusualness,supernatural occurrence. How does it happen? It’s all about Faith and Authority. Give a glance top … Continue reading

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What’s Faith?

I was speaking with someone about how we use our faith, and I remembered about a history I have heard couple of years ago. We can see by that illustration what faith is all about!… Check it out!… Please have … Continue reading

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God’s Gear

When people go trough problems, difficulties and setbacks they become discouraged, fearful, weary and majority of times they loose sight of their goals. Sometimes people go back, give up and engage on the “Reverse Gear”. With God there’s no “Reverse … Continue reading

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3 Characteristics of Faith

The heroes of faith, overcame battles, challenges and went against the odds!…Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Gideon, Daniel, David, etc…are just few of the all examples we have got in the Holy Scriptures. All of them had 3 things in common!…They … Continue reading

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There’s one characteristic on those that unleashed God’s power in to their lives!… They went “against the crowds”!…They did the unconventional, the uncommon, the unusual, the unexpected, the atypical, the unthinkable!…The bizarre!… That’s why they called God’s attention. They went against … Continue reading

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“Faith-ty Breach”

We all know that things of value are meant to be kept in a safe place.We just don’t place things of value anywhere to be lost and found isn’t? Let it be an important document, money, jewelry or even information … Continue reading

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People wear amours for thousands of years. Old tribes use to attach animal skins and vegetation around the body when they went to hunt. Warriors from former Rome and medieval Europe used to cover the torso with plates of metal … Continue reading

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Your Best Weapon.

Everybody knows the Biblical story of David VS Goliath. The army of Israel, was being defied by goliath and all the men were fearful to fight against this mighty men of war. However a little boy called David said to … Continue reading

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Have you heard of this sickness? SDC?

I have met many people who’s problem is a sickness called SDC. Have you heard about it? Is very common nowadays and few know the true medicine for it! But what SDC stands for, you may ask? Self Defeat Conversation. Due to … Continue reading

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