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Mission Possible

  Many people want God to make things happen for them as a pass of magic. They demand from God the impossible, and that’s exactly His Job!…To make the impossible. However little do they realise that for the impossible to … Continue reading

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Wrong Question

  Many are those that in a search for the solution of their problems, focus on the wrong questions. Wrong questions leads to wrong answers. Many whys haven’t got an answer, so one has to focus in something else. Let’s … Continue reading

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Catch 22

Are you in a catch 22 situation? What’s that, you may ask? Its a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions. In a certain ocasion there was a situation that the … Continue reading

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The Ears of Impossible

Do you need to see a divine intervention in your life? A miraculous  touch of God? Miracle: A wonderful, surprising event or thing. Marvel, phenomenon,rarity,revelation,wonder,prodigy,unusualness,supernatural occurrence. How does it happen? It’s all about Faith and Authority. Give a glance top … Continue reading

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The Currency of The Miracle

It’s  common sense that in life everything has a cost. We will achieve and conquer material things and other aims in life by paying the price of it!.. Let’s see: To get a degree in order to be a doctor, … Continue reading

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Bypass the Impossibles

Everything in life follows a natural law and there are things that are just the natural course of life. Amidst of this natural course of life and nature we come face to face with many setbacks, barriers, obstacles and sometimes … Continue reading

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