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The Sheep and The Anointing Oil

  At certain times of the year, great clouds of flies, mosquitos and other insects would attack the shepherd’s flocks. In addition, the sheep could be afflicted by lice and ticks. These insects would especially attack the heads of the … Continue reading

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God’s Amo!..

This movie was very, very good, which I took some lessons. It’s about a war tank fighting against the Nazis and all of a sudden they got out of Ammunition. They were protected by the tank, against the bullets. They … Continue reading

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Backed Up?

A bodyguard (or close protection officer) is a type of security operative or government agent who protects a person or persons — usually a public, wealthy, or politically important figure(s) VIP’S — from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, homicide, harassment,loss of confidential information, threats, or … Continue reading

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“Faith-ty Breach”

We all know that things of value are meant to be kept in a safe place.We just don’t place things of value anywhere to be lost and found isn’t? Let it be an important document, money, jewelry or even information … Continue reading

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God’s Jab & Spiritual Bugs

I was speaking with someone that is always fighting with bad thoughts, doubts, negativity, etc.. about a a way to create defenses to overcome those things. It’s about GOD’S JAB! Bear with me I will explain it. Many have taken … Continue reading

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